The Deceptive minds around you. Watch out now! 1😳

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The word deception is rather a very broad and interesting word, therefore cannot be too over emphasized. In this case we shall be relating to a deceptive personality, persons, motives and how to know them as well.

In my own way of explanation I would rather say that deception can be seen as a fraudulent conviction towards believing something is true but in other words not in anyway true.

Deception can be defined as the act or action of deceiving someone. Therefore, we can also deception is a thing that deceives .

The bible’s first deceptive personality is called “The serpent” (as seen in the book of Genesis) in the story of Adam (who was he first man) and Eve ( the first woman).

In this story we can relate how serpent convinced Eve’s mind to do something Negative against God’s rule that is the serpent convinced Eve to eat of something forbidden and in turn eve convinced Adam, that’s is to say that a deception can be contagious and at the end the negative act attracted a negative consequences.

A deceptive mind can be known in the following ways
1) their words do not match their actions (different words different actions); the deceptive mind is a fraudulent one, that is to say that when ever you come in contact with a deceptive personality or person, their words do not tally with their dispositions or actions.

Deceptive minds

2) They Avoid responsibilities: a deceptive mind is one who tries as much as possible to avoid being responsibile for his or her actions or affairs, they try as much to swindle their way out of it; that is whenever there is a task to perform (which is usually financial or Monterey). Also read

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Don’t let deceptive people get to you to suck out your resources and time. Don’t let deceptive people used and dump you. Deception is a game most people who are connected to us played at us to get to us and after getting what they want, boom!! They are gone! Read:

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A deceptive mind always find ways to avoid the opportunity to give or solve a problem for the benefit of another Even when he has enough to handle it.. it is more likely to say that a man that is deceptive can also be called a stingy also read:

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3) problem starters: a deceptive mind is one who Sparks up troubles wherever they are. They could light up quarrels, agitate a fight and cause catastrophy therefore fleeing when the fight starts. This has led to tragic deaths, casualties, hatred and malice which had stayed between families for generations.

4) Chronic jealousy: A deceptive mind is also know as a jealous person. The line between deceptionn and jealousy is rather slender, therefore, deception could be seen as the act while jealousy could be the driving force.

In this case deception comes after jealousy has been habored for a long time.

This can be illustrated in a scenery where s person hates another person due to the fact that he is jealous about that person and in return says lots of negative things about that person to other people just because he wants them to hate the person as well for no reason.

Conclusively I would rightly aver that deception is the order of the day but could be defeated individually through the simple act of CONTENTMENT and knowing when to get involved, knowing how to see through or read through people’s emotions via their words and body language and the ability to know when to leave the stage.

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