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3 ways to manage pressure and avoid depression

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Pressure is often caused by a lot of factors. When it’s not properly managed or checkmated, it leads to depression. Nothing is more frustrating than making a decision as a result of pressure of any kind. Most business ventures today suffers financial hiccups because decisions taken in time of pressure.

Sometimes it’s better to be like the soil that never shift it’s base no matter the pressure than putting your life in shambles. To live a life that is pressure free is to wish never to live at all. Pressures are inevitable. It can either groom you or break up.(6) ways you can help that depressed friend

How to manage pressure from leading to depression.

Pressure leads to depression
Pressure leads to depression

To manage pressurable circumstances, you must notes some of the factors that pressure strives on to lead into depression and carefully avoid or manage them. These factor include but not limited to the following.

1) Stress. This is an internal distribution of force across a small boundary per unit area of that boundary (pressure) within the body system. It causes strain or deformations.
it is a force externally applied to the body which cause internal stress within the body. Stress is an emotional pressure suffered by a human being or other animal.

Stress can come by subjecting the body to a time consuming task that even when you feel tired, you just can’t take a break simply because you want to meet a deadline. What stress does to the body is that it releases the stress hormones, activating the immune system beyond it’s limit thereby subject the brain to unusual pressure.

Stress and pressure
Stress and pressure

When this happens, it affect your overall health leading to depression because depression itself is a mood disorder that can affect a person’s daily life occasioned by stress, anger, genetic factors and many more. What do you do when you are stressed out? Take a break and just walk around the premises; by so doing endorphins are released.

Endorphin belong to a group of peptide hormones found in the brain that act as neurotransmitters and have properties similar to morphine. What it does is to relieve you of the stres, anxiety and pains thereby preventing you from being depressed.

2) Competition. Nothing causes pressure more than living a competitive life. We live in a world where the young ones die daily in such an outrageous number that keeps one bamboozled at to what the cause could be.

Truth is, the moment you start comparing your life achievements, your past and present situations, your look with other people’s life, the more deficient you will notice in you. From that moment on, your self esteem will begin to dwindle, your output becomes insignificant to you.

Then you subscribe to the pressure of what’s in vogue and tentatively your once independent self begins to subject to your life to other people’s approval. Someone @  http://@ onceposted on my instagram page @ “if you wait for people’s acceptance before you take a stand, you will be disappointed at people’s rejection of who you are worth”.

Competition is inevitable in business, that I know, but every unhealthy competition that makes you lose your sleep at night will put you in pressurable state and eventually lead to depression. Do the little you can! Success is not about working hard, it’s about working smart. Why is the truck pusher still in abject poverty?Pressure and Depression

Greed is a selfish or excessive desire for more than is needed or deserved, especially of money, wealth, food, or other possessions. Don’t be like the grave that’s never satisfied or contented. With greed comes pressure to have more at all cost leading to depression and hypertension.

Check every greedy person around you, he or she is on hypertensive medications. It is good to strive for higher position but doing that at the expense your sweet sleep and peace of mind will put you in a front line of depression because when you could no longer handle the feelings of delay in delivery of your expectations, pressure will set in; making you a step closer to depression.

Overcoming greed is easy. How you say? Learn to let go. There’s peace in letting some things go. It gives you an aura of joy and confidence that you can master and discipline your emotions and drives.

Author Caution Note 

Pressure  can make you become stronger or make you vulnerable to accepting decisions that may ruin you in the nearest future. You must know that even though circumstances changes, how we react to it determines it’s outcome in our lives.

Sometimes you are tempted to think, feel and imagine that all roads is closed but little did you know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and how close you are to that end that you never knew of…

I just want you to know this morning or whatever the time is at where you’re reading this post from, that it doesn’t matter what your challenges are.. It can never be bigger that the God who created you. Challenges are event designed never to last forever even though you are tempted to think its taking ages to end.

It will fade away someday somehow if you don’t give up on yourself and God. I want you to know that if God can use anybody, He can use you. If God can bless anybody, He can bless you and if He can roll out the night to bring in the day, He can roll out your pains and roll in for you a blissful days.

It doesn’t matter what your needs could be money to start a new business, it could be job opportunity you are earnestly looking forward to or even child bearing issue. Subjecting your self to unnecessary pressure is never the best because most times it brings complications you never envisage.

You must constantly remind yourself that you’re not barren for instance you are looking for a child but only processing time for the arrival of your hero..Heroes are celebrities and celebrities takes their time to appear in any gathering.

People naturally wait to see them arrived.. In all of these, always remember that God already got your back covered. Maybe you don’t believe God exist but know that the air you breath is never and can never be a coincidence. Always assure yourself that God can do anything and yours can’t be an exception.. If you have any questions to ask, you can inbox me.

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By Leader Abiyone

Leader Abiyone is a freelance writer, a singer popularly known as Lyda. She's from the south region of Nigeria called delta state. She's a law graduate of National open university of Nigeria. She's a property consultant and estate manager. She's a lover of God's vineyard and God's word.

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