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Peace of mind
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Peace of mind.

Peace of mind is not the absence of trouble. Peace of mind doesn’t come from abundance of wealth. Peace of mind doesn’t come to stay because you are a man or woman. Peace of mind doesn’t come because you are handsome or beautiful neither will you have peace of mind because you have so many domestic servants or huge fans but it is one major factor for success. I mean long lasting success ; whether in your relationship with people in business or maritally. Peace of mind is the state of being restful even in a state of emergency.

Things that drains your peace of mind.

Certain craving makes us miserable. That you’ve lost your peace of mind is not caused by the devil or your relatives in the village judging from certain Africa myths. Failures to set boundaries as to what is needed and that is wanted can make you lose your peace of mind. Here are some of the things that silently drains your peace of mind.

  • Being a copy cat. You’re not a chameleon that has the ability to be anything anyhow. Be yourself! Being a copy cat will make you lose your originality and your peace of mind because when you fail to be the exact thing you’re desperately craving to be, you will become miserable and sad which is certainly not a settling atmosphere for peace of mind.
  • Pretence. Be yourself! Value what you have and who you have become. Pretence doesn’t last forever. It will certainly give way for your originality which may ruin whatever image you have built with pretence. Love yourself. Love your originality. Read Your value matters. Read this (1)
  • Living beyond your income. In a bit to impress others or flow with certain trends, people tend to live above their income and when such lifestyle cannot be afforded within a stipulated time, depression will set in. This often happens when one centers his happiness on the accumulation of material things. I have seen people who are always in a state of sobriety whenever they go broke. Prioritize your peace of mind no matter what.
  • Disappointment resulting from failed expectations. I often tell those around me that the easiest way to live above disappointment and stay peaceful is to live a life of not expecting something in return for whatever services you render otherwise you will certainly lose your peace of mind. Give and live a life of not expecting anything.  You will certainly gain two things . Peace of mind and a good return from unexpected source. Truth is, good returns usually comes from unexpected source.#keepitrealwithyourpeaceofmind

Rules for maintaining your peace of mind.

Life is in phases and men are in sizes. Each phase of life comes with it’s unique challenges which will require more than your past experiences to sail through the storms it comes with. Hence the importance of maintaining your peace of mind.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Here you must keep in mind the following if you really want to stay peaceful no matter what.

  • Be a giver that never expect something in return. If you are not doing it as business, don’t expect anything in return. See whatever comes back to you after giving as a miracle. What if you give Mr A a job opportunity and you expect him to come thanking you after receiving his first pay and he never returns? You will feel disappointed right? That’s first step of losing your peace of mind. What if Mr A was actually planning on coming to appreciate you but something else involving life which he wished to keep private came up and divert his attention? There’s possibility of you losing patience and start telling the world how ungrateful Mr A is and how you are regretting your act of kindness. Watch out! Your peace of mind is leaking out like air from a leaking balloon.
  • Reduce the percentage of people’s opinion in your life. A friend of mine always says” if I do this now people will say am this, am that”. Really? I will say! One day I lost my temper on her that I screamed  these words at her” Since you’ve been in this situation how many of the so called people you care about their opinions actually cares about you? Who exactly are these people holding you back mentally from reaching your potentials? Have they help you in anyways to make your life better? Leave the people and their opinion. Live your life to the fullest. Reduce people’s opinion on your decision making process if you want to enjoy peace of mind. The more you think about them, the less you think about yourself and the more you lose your peace of mind.Do what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter who will not approved of it. So long it makes you happy, do it. So long it doesn’t infringe on anybody’s Rights, do it. Happiness is a platform for peace of mind settlement. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Sadness brings pain, sickness, wrinkles and many ugly stuff. Avoid them and people who comes with such vibes.
  • Set a standard for yourself. Following all rules at the expense of your happiness will make you feel miserable. Learn to align certain rules with your emotions and conscience. Don’t be the notice me type of person that wants to impress others and end up being miserable. Be nice to people but don’t be foolish. Be good to people but don’t risk your peace of mind in the process.3 keys to sustain your peace of mind for success

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