Healthy Living

staying healthy is a choice


Staying healthy is a choice

Truly the light is sweet and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun. (Ecclesiastes 11:7) So also is good health sweet to living a successful and a fulfilling life .

What use is wealth if you don’t have good health to enjoy it? Of what use is long life filled with sickness and diseases?

I once to told someone sometime ago that he has the right and choice to stay healthy and he ask me “why am I sick”? My respond was “you are sick because you made a choice to be sick directly or indirectly.

How do you mean you say? First you must know life is full of choices and we make these choices everyday. Sometimes we deliberately refuse to decide in somethings because we feel it’s too small or it’s of little effect until it grow bigger and out of control.

Failure to decide on any issue is a choice already made. How can someone deliberately make a choice to be sick you say? Let’s analyze your question in line with other question to help you understand better.
(1)Why are people sick or what do they do or fail to do that made fall sick?
(2) How do they know they are sick or who told them they are sick?
(3)What is their reaction to that feeling they call sickness?
In response to question 1, people are sick because they felt something in their body, interpreted that feelings negatively (mindset) and gave it a name to suit the interpretation.

For example, Mr. A heard of Mr. c’s death and on his quest to know what led to Mr. c’s death he was told that Mr. c woke up one morning, felt something somehow sharp and died in the evening or after a period of time.

Now, Mr. A woke up feeling somehow too, ponder on Mr. c death and immediately fear gripped him because of the thought of what will happen to him next based on the information had received on a related issue like that of Mr.C’s death.

So, he begin to analyze and relate the feelings to so many ailments associated with such feelings that he may have heard of or read about. Could it be malaria or typhoid? Or cancer? Or high blood pressure or diabetes? He says!

Thus, he begins to do a mental research on diseases until mind settles with a particular name of disease which his feelings eventually begins to manifest.

Every thought has its hold on information and everything in life has a name which they each  respond to just as human being respond their individual’s name.

A lion in American cannot become a different animal elsewhere because nature has made it so irrespective of the location it is placed.

So, because Mr. A has interpreted his feeling to suit a particular kind of ailment, he begins to think of that ailment, he begins to walk like he’s suffering from that ailment and may eventually tell people about that ailment.

Oftentimes, these people may end up aggravating Mr.A feelings of fear of death by further narrating a story of someone who died of such feelings.

Thus people feel or fall sick because of their mental programing. Reason been that like MrA, someone can have a feeling worse than what Mr. A felt and interpret that same feeling to mean stress and with just little rest that odd feelings will fade away.

In response to question 2, people know or say they are sick because of what they feel. Often time you see people go for medical checkup because they felt something must have gone wrong or ought to have gone wrong somehow because of a particular action they took which they believed (mindset) could have an adverse effect on their overall wellbeing.

Haven’t you see people who go for check up and the doctor tell them they are fine but they insist on the doctor reexamine them because they want their feelings interpreted, to suit a particular ailment which their mind has processed?

Until the doctor do that they don’t feel comfortable. They want the doctor to confirm their mental picture of that particular ailment .
So you have a right and a choice to stay healthy based on your mindset.

First you need to let go of some information that may have  adverse effect on your life(health inclusive) because if your mind is full of junks it will affect your mental reasoning and your decision making.

You can choose to stay healthy by minding the kind of interpretations you give to your feelings and how you give credence to people’s opinion about your feelings.

As humans, we are made by word(spoken word) and not by computer programming or some sort of chips.

So everything about us respond to spoken word. When the doctor diagnose any patient on any ailment, he communicate it to the patient via word(spoken word) because every spoken word has a creative ability or force of creation. It’s the language which the human composition understands because human existence is a function of a spoken word(Genesis1:26).

So aligning yourself, your emotions/feelings or decisions to suit a particular spoken word calls for thorough scrutiny in living a healthy life.  Staying healthy is a choice and its 100% possible.

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Healthy Living

staying healthy is 100% possible

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bone (proverb17:22).

Humor is a necessity for a healthy living. It’s not just the facial cheerful appearance but the inner sense of humor which comes from the heart based on what goes on within because people can pretend to be cheerful before others while concealing their inner hurts and pains but with a good rapport, you will discover the carcass(the pains) buried in their mind .

Why do you think people go for comedy show? It’s simply because life void of humor is suicidal in nature. Have you ever wonder about the existence of sadist? How do you describe a sadist? How do you tell when you find one? Do you think they were born sadists? Of course not! Something happens that dries their bones, break their spirit and their heart.

Merry or sadistic living is of the heart. It’s a product of thought based on choice we made in response to written or spoken words or someone’s actions/inaction or situations of life.

A man’s health begins to dwindle the very day he lost reasons to be merry, the very day he allows people’s opinion, anger, bitterness, envy, greed and unforgiveness to take hold of his mind(heart).

Thus it’s necessary to be mindful of the things we take to heart because the heart is the engine room of the body and once it’s polluted every other parts of the body will bear the consequences.

It has been medically proven countlessly that whatever affect the heart affect the whole body’s functionality. So it’s necessary to avoid thought, feelings and activities that may likely affect One’s happiness because whatever affect your Joy affect your appearance and health. For this purpose the book of proverbs 4:23 instructively says ”guard/keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life”. This is because everything we do begins from the heart. Like Offences, anger, hatred , love, cares, planning and all that pertains to life in general.

So when this container(the heart) is bad the content will be affected. Nothing drains a man like bitterness or unforgiveness. Have you ever observe a mood swing in a person who maybe was chatting with friends with all sense of joy and suddenly someone who offends him walks in? You immediately see his smiles disappear, the lovely young facial appearance will suddenly give way for moody frowning old wrinkle look because of the offence/ hurts he fails to let go and until the person leaves his presence, he will gradually start feeling depressed.

Most times the person who offends you may not even know that you are hurt let alone to suffer the pains with you. So you keep dying alone while the other person move on with life. Truth is, people must offends you and not everyone of them will ever say sorry to you but for you to maintain a merry and a healthy living you must strive to let go and free your mind from the emotional torture that comes with harboring hatred or bitterness/offences. Don’t give your heart too much work to do. Most people die of little ailment because the heart is overworked with junks in the name of unforgiveness. Bitterness defiles the body cells because it cataract the heart function of blood circulation .

The book of Hebrew 12:15 says “ looking diligently lest any man fails of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up troubles you and thereby many be defiled.

Bitterness/offences comes with worrisome thought because it makes you keep reminiscing and over evaluating what the person says or did.

By so doing your heart beat begins to fluctuate leading to diseases like stroke, high blood pressure e t c. Apart from sexually transmitted disease and airborne diseases, virtually all other diseases are traceable to what goes on in the mind. Forgiveness is key to happy living. Until you let go the hurts,  pains,  sorrow, unforgiveness and yesterday’s mistake or I’ll fortune, you can’t experience the freedom to grow,  to stay happy and progress. Truth is, creativity strive in the atmosphere of peace of mind.

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