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Simple ways to overcome stagnation

When a man is stagnated he can give  thousand reasons to justify his situation. He accepts his current state as fate. Fate are chargeable but you must be daring enough to stand up for that which you desire. Stagnation first takes its root in the mind; then spread across all fibres of one’s being.Guides against depression

Then it begins to control the body, dictating on what you can do and limiting your capabilities by constantly compelling the eyes to see the circumstances and the eyes in turn send back to the mind a negative magnifying message of the  circumstances making it bigger than it seems.

If life gives you thousand reasons to cry or complain; give life one reason to move on.  Only the dead don’t move! Only the dead are stagnated. The living moves; so you must have to move ahead. Your business, your career, your destiny, your family, your hopes and aspirations for life must move ahead. You don’t have what it takes to be stagnant unless you allow mental death to shut you down but you have all it takes to conquer, to move on.Wake up -You can surmount the mountain

Your life is not to be decided by your yesterday’s failure,  disappointment, rejection and misfortune. It is to be decided by your inner man; your inner voice; your tongue because the power of life and death is in your tongue. So use it to declare that which you desire to see happening  because God your creator is listening to whatever you say. Look beyond every situation that suffices in your life. Learn to see solution in every problem.

Never let the circumstances change your confessions because God is listening . He’s not perturb by the happenings around you but He’s so much concerned about your utterances. Use your mouth to reduce the circumstances. Redescribe it to be something workable because you are a super-intelligent being.

Don’t say time is running against you for God is not moved by time neither does he live in time but He controls the time and the seasons of life. Circumstances comes with phases of life and also fade away with phases of life. No matter what your yesterday was, if it’s not good enough just move on.The Africa Time syndrome

God hates stagnation that’s why Jesus Christ said to the man at the pool side for 38years to rise up and walk.  Thus it’s time for you to stand up from that bed of self pity, from that bed of “why me syndrome ” and move on because that’s not the real you. The real you is a shining star. Don’t you know stars differs in radiance? So are you! You are not to sink in or fit in; you are to stand out! You can succeed anywhere when you are ready to succeed but don’t succeed in being stagnanted but in moving on and taking over territories.

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Wake up -You can surmount the mountain

The mountain is not as high as you think it to be – keep climbing! If you can’t climb the mountain at first sight, walk round it and familiarize yourself with it. Then the zeal to climb will come. You don’t see the height if you really want to climb but seeing the result of actually being at the mountain top will strengthen you to climb.

“This task is tedious – this mountain is too high”. “This position is too demanding”. These are songs of a lazy man. Don’t join his band group. Be like the sailor who sail against all odds, against the anger of the wind to arrive his destination.

“No you don’t know my background, you don’t know the pains I have gone through, if there was someone to help I wouldn’t be like this now, oh how I wish you are in my shoes you will truly understand my predicament says the pessimist “. Really?
Nobody will ever be your shoes dear so wake up from that bed of self pity! Even if you find someone whose shoe size is same as yours-they may never walk as you do.

You’ve got to wake up and say enough is enough! The mountain you run from today awaits you tomorrow. The vision you starve today will starve you tomorrow! Jesus said I work when it is day for the night cometh when no man can work.
The glory of every youth is their strength. What are you investing your strength on as a youth? Is it on your vision, set goals and aspirations for a better day ahead or on sexual immoralities and cheap gossip?

The choice is yours! Being youthful is not about age only. You are a youth if you still aspires to improve on certain areas of your life irrespective of your age. You see, we aged every second that passes by ; so wake up and climb to the top. There is always vacancy at the top that’s why eagles never clash in the sky. Why stay at the buttom that’s already crowded?

You’re not born to fit in but to stand out wherever you are found. What will you be remembered for tomorrow when you are no more where you are now? Don’t waste today lamenting on yesterday’s regret or mistakes. Everyday is an opportunity to build positively on yesterday’s bricks layed.  What if you didn’t lay any bricks at all? Then you have to wake up and do the needful.

Don’t follow the crowd into destruction -stand out! Don’t let what’s in vogue turn you into a rogue-be different! It’s understandable that we all made mistakes yesterday -lets not repeat yesterday’s songs of negative experiences in today’s class. Whatever your mountains are-you can surmount them! The help you need to climb is in you! It’s in your first move. So don’t wish the move – make the move! If you don’t move, the mountain will remain – the vision will remain a mere dream that owes no future for you.

Never say you have done enough -there’s still more to be done, there are still territories to possessed.
Jesus said it is finish because all his works on earth has been done! His missions on earth has been accomplished. Why fold your hands where there are still visionary bricks to be layed? Why feed your stomach to the brim when you are yet to nurse your dreams? The food you eat now will be wasted in few minutes later but the attention you give to that dream or aspirations/drives will forever take you a step ahead. Act now not later! Do it today not tomorrow! There’s no tomorrow is the actual sense… The tomorrow you talk about will become today. Make that call now! Fear not what the response will be-the first blow is half the battle. Move your mountain and move forward in life.

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You can! Dream on

Write the vision, make it plain..that they may run that read it.. Though it tarry wait for it for it shall speak at the end. Many wants to live a life of luxury but have no plans to actualize it. Some have succumb to blame game when the desired life style doesn’t materialized.

Some often say I have no one to help but they forget to answer the question of what will my helper actually help me to materialize? There’s a saying that you don’t put something on nothing and expect it to stand.

Dream on- it is achievable! No dream is too big to be conceived and achieved by a determined soul. Dreaming is personal – you don’t need someone approval to dream big. The help will come when there’s something to actually help you with. No one help a waster!

Dream on!  It is for you to see it, feel it, imagine it, say it and act it until it becomes an integral part of you. So why then do people let their good dreams fizzle away based on other people’s opinion?

Dream is not what you see when you sleep; dream is what keeps you awake. It directs your actions and aspiration. Dream is what checkmate your plans and expenditure. Dream is not meant to be equal in size with the dreamer neither is it determined by one family background. Remember Joseph in the Bible?

Real dream will always contradicts your status, body size and will always appear to be beyond your financial strength. That’s why it’s a dream; that’s why you should understand that the only role required of a dreamer is to conceive it, see it, imagine it’s reality until it becomes manifest while holding on to every instructions of God the author of such dream concerning that dream.

Don’t expect your dream to correlate with your background or your current financial strength. Any dream that doesn’t posed a problem by challenging you financially, intellectually and otherwise holds no fortune for you in the nearest possible future. The eagle is small in size but it sail higher than any other birds because it has self confidence and the zeal to reach higher into the sky not minding it’s size and the wind(circumstances of life).

Don’t expect people to understand your dream more than you do or in accordance with the way you expect. Doing that is like an accident victim who’s expecting the doctor to help him feel the pain of his wound. Dream on as long as you have your breath. However it’s not enough to dream, you must be zealous enough for it to come through.

While dreaming or holding on to your dreams, be careful of your reactions and action in regards to people’s opinion. You will often hear something like ” it’s over-there’s no way out anymore ” “the door is not opening anymore just forget about it ” “oh you came too late.. “Oh how I wish I can help you ” ” this your dream is good but it’s not achievable in this part of the country ” e. t. c. but you have to decide either to find a way to make it come through or let it fizzle out alongside the negative compliments or comments.

Don’t wait to become Saint Paul before you dream big because no dreamer is without negative past. In fact such negative past experiences help spur up their zeal to sail higher. Only the dead can’t dream-so dream on. Anything is possible and achievable.

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Pressure and Depression

Pressure and Depression.

The word pressure refers to the force or weight with which something presses against something else.  In other words it could be a force produced by unmet needs,  trying to meet a deadline for a particular thing that’s of utmost importance.  Pressure is usually  associated with difficulties and feelings of anxiety that are caused by the need to achieve a particular thing.

There’s a thin line separating pressure from depression.Does drinking alcohol actually stop the pains? The pressure to pay children school fees, the pressure to pay house rent, the pressure from parents  to get married irrespective of whether you prepared mentally or not to handle marital challenges, the pressure in making your business stands out because there are competitors around and the like can lead to depression if not properly managed or handled.

It’s no news that the month of December is a celebration month and celebration comes with spending😏😏. As a business man or woman you may need to give your customers incentive to keep the business relationship. As a politician you may need to make your followers happy in whichever way suits your political status and thereafter comes the month of January🙄 😁😁the month of accountability, the month of reckoning 😁😁the month of bills settlement.

Truth is all these comes with pressure and if you don’t manage your reactions to these needs wisely, the pressure arising from such can lead to depression and health break down especially when you have overspend resources hoping for more to come but aren’t forth coming🤔.

In this  short series(hey don’t look at me like that 🙄🙄🙄it’s actually short)  am  going to show you how to manage your feelings or reactions to pressures arising from what I have discussed above👆in order to keep yourself, your emotions and overall health in check to avoid stories that touches😁😁.

How to Manage Pressure and Guard against Depression.

  •  When anything fails around you, whether relationship, business, marriage or health, don’t see it as the  end of your life because doing such will make you sad and eventually make you depressed. However when you experience any of such, see it as a medium to improve on your failed attempt because it is in failing that you succeed.
Also, when certain needs arises with the pressure hitting hard on you don’t over blame yourself for spending roughly if you had actually spent roughly😁😁. It’s a mistake you may  have made in happy mood🙄😁😁you can’t undo it but you can learn from it. Just admit you misfire in your spendings, forgive yourself and move on.
This simply means that you are  seeing failure from the angle of your input. That is  you are not the one who failed but your attempt so you have to attempt in a better way. In that way you don’t judge yourself badly or end up being depressed.
  • Don’t personalized negative happenings.
There’s no human being that’s without a problem whether minor or major  the name doesn’t changed. So see whatever you experience as what every normal human being would have experienced in like scenario. This may not make sense to you but its one way to avoid feeling depressed as a result of uncontrolled pressure.
For example, if someone dies, its common that everybody related to the deceased mourns but not everyone will be depressed. Those who are not depressed are those who realized that there’s nothing that can undo what has happened so the only option is to move on 🚶🚶🚶because life is all about moving on. This also applies to whatever comes with pressures.  If you don’t move on you will be stagnated and depression is a close ally of stagnation.
  •  Learn to compliment yourself even if others rate your performance poorly.
This is because no one can really make you feel sad except you allow yourself to be moved by what anyone says to you. Complimenting yourself will save you from developing low self esteem which is another route to depression.
This is the time to reminisce on those praises showered on you when you were busy spending your resources 🙄😏😁😁with the image of the money man/lady; hold on to that memory, pat yourself as the boss and smile 😁😁. I bet you will summon the courage to meet those glaring needs without being depressed or pressured.

Watch your association.

There’s a common saying that likes magnets. That means hanging around depressed people have a way of making you feel sad or depressed. Too much”why”leads to depression-1Its just like going to the cemetery with those who lost their loved ones and expect not to cry or being in a dancing  hall without shaking your body consciously or unconsciously which is very impossible.
You see🙄🙄 those friends who reminds you how bad you have invested or  spent your resources  when you are in need without even trying to help? 🙄😏😏🤷 Avoid them!🙅🙅 They are energy drainers. They help you figure out your problem and make it bigger that your heart begins to beat faster😏😁. They don’t solve problems o🤷they only come to check on you to see if you are dying or struggling for survival.😁😁 They are good in telling people sorry oo without helping out. 😁
So to avoid being depressed Guides against depressionyou must of necessity avoid such people and those who are aggressive in nature who have a way of causing negative mood swing in other people. Don’t add to what is on ground 🤷.
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Help that depressed friend now! 6 ways you can help..

Depression is a mood disorder caused by uncontrolled happenings that are allowed to linger for long in one’s mind negatively which has the capacity to alters one’s feelings and one’s health in general.staying healthy is 100% possible

Who is a friend ? A friend is that person who thinks good about you and care about your happiness. Good friends seek for each others happiness and well-being.

Friendship can make two separate families come together as one. It can also ruin a whole community. However this series is not about the good and the bad side of friendship in the strict sense but its about how that friend can be of help to another just like family members would do anything to raise the family from decadence.Pressure and Depression
 It won’t be wise or nice to abandon that friend you can’t stop talking about how nice, how beautiful, how handsome or caring he/she is to you and others around.
There’s a common saying that in abundance our friends know us but in lack, sickness,  pain and difficulties we know who that true friend really is.
Sometimes the one we least value is the first to always come to our aid when we run into trouble water. So if that person you so much  value is feeling depressed you don’t have to run away because you feel you’re not a doctor.Too much”why”leads to depression-1
Truth is, that friend won’t forgive you if you  run away when he/she needs you most  but you can however help bring reliefs to that person by following these simple steps listed below  to strengthen your friendship.
  • Think of any past event that features in laughter such that can make him/her have a mind shift from that depressed mood. Remind the person of the funny role he/she played at that time so as to refresh in him/her good memories. By so doing you will help that depressed friend feel better.
  • Step out with that friend .


A change of environment temporary is necessary to help restructure the mood of a depressed person. You can take him/her out for lunch or for a ride just to bring that positive paradigm shift into that your friend.Guides against depression

  • Compliment that your depressed friend.

People who are depressed don’t need to be told how bad they have acted or what they didn’t do well. All they need at that time is someone who will make  them feel better by helping them recollect their thoughts. This can be done by reminding the person how beautiful or handsome and amazing he or she is. Say it like you mean it. Praise and positive compliments does more than complaints and blame game in helping a depressed friend.

  • Get him/her a gift. People feel good when appreciated with gift items. It makes them feel loved and welcome. So getting a gift item you know he/she won’t resist will help put a smile on his /her face and that little smile can make that person’s face glow thereby eradicating that depressed feelings.

Peradventure the person is your intimate friend a warm hug, patting and soothing words is necessary to get him or her off that depressed feeling or mood.

  • Food is a necessity for living so ensure the person eat well enough in your present because depression has a way of draining people’s appetite for food. Thus, you can be part of that process by eating together with him/her while you chat alongside.
  • Mind what you discussed with the person at this time because depressed people are more sensitive to words than people who are  in their right frame of mind. Be careful not to discuss how bad your day was or how you had a failed business engagement that will further strained his/her feelings as that will make the person feel more depressed.

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Your mindset= your future

In one of my series on mind management I did mentioned reasons why the mind should be cautiously guarded while highlighting the risk factors of allowing the mind to wander into junkful thoughts resulting in all kinds of negative experiences because of the poor decision made which is a product of the faulty mind.

In this series, I will outline various ways to keep the mind in check to live a meaningful life.

In my years of research and studies on mind management, I observed that most  writers had often streamlined these mind management techniques into four main headings which includes Vision and goal setting,Memorizing your goals or stock taking, Getting rid of limiting belief,Positive declaration and affirmation.

However true these  may be, their effectiveness is based on other techniques or principles which are mostly ignored but are unavoidably linked  to the mind.Guides against depression These other principles or techniques are what I  refer to as “caution principles”( connectively linked to some vital parts of the human body system). They are:
  •  Cautioning the eyes through self discipline .

The human eyes and the mind works together  in equal step. That is, it is what the eyes see that the mind interpret, process, think about, visualised and even act on.

Take for instance A man who consistently looked at  a nude girl’s photos; he will consciously or unconsciously start receiving sexual signals through thoughts as  a way of interpreting the photo because the eyes served as  a mirror to the mind.

On the other hand,  if a woman walked pass your front nude(naked)  for instance and your eyes are  closed maybe  because you were meditating or praying, you won’t  notice her appearance let alone to ponder on how her nude appearance .  Thus her nude appearance won’t arouse any sexual thought in you because your eyes never sees it neither will your mind process it.

You may ask does cautioning the eyes means closing your eyes and walk like a blind man ? The answer is No. It simply means to exercise discipline in your mind that even when your eyes wander into such scene which you did never want to view, you have to condition your mind not to process that image that represent such scene.

That means you are to deliberately refuse to think about it or imagine it ever happened. This is because giving thought to it will either pollute your mind or nourish your mind negatively from thinking result orientedly.

It is only when your mind is edified that you talk of vision and goal setting as mentioned above as one of the general techniques for mind management .

Thus to manage your mind, you must watch what you see, process or ponder on because what you see forms an image in your subconscious mind which may either make or mar your vision as it keeps bubbling in your mind .

  • Information cautiousness.

Its a common knowledge that information comes by hearing just as faith and fear comes by what you hear. The information you hear or received may either inspire positive vibes(determination) in you or create  the fear of failing in your subconscious mind thereby preventing you from setting and actualizing your goals.

Information also have a way of altering your  mood positively or negatively. That means what you choose to hear has a direct link to your happiness or otherwise as it affects  your mind depending on your level of mental discipline.

That’s why someone who is sick of STDs can still be healthy  and be happy when he/she is yet to have the knowledge of such ailment  but the moment he/she hears it from the doctor fear will set in immediately and the person who once appeared to be  healthy  will start dying rapidly not solely because of the ailment but because of the information he/she received and the in ability to condition the mind against fear.http://Too much why leads to depression

Information they say is power but we never bother to ask what sought of power comes with it. Information either makes you happy or make you sad and depressed.

So to manage your mind and be productive in life and career you must of necessity be cautious of what you listen to and if peradventure  you did listen to what you ought not to,  you must of necessity condition your mind not to process or ponder on it.

Lack of this information cautiousness is the reason most people with brilliant business ideas never take steps because they have been told about people who failed, got depressed and frustrated doing such business without taking out time to research on those who  succeeded in such business or why those who failed actually failed.

  • Cautioning your word(Taming the tongue)
The tongue is one of the smallest part of the body but very powerful as it can create and destroy through the  same medium. It can set a whole family apart.
Cautioning or taming  the tongue  means choosing  the words we speak just as one need to be careful of what we listen to. The words we speak are expressed thoughts(negative/positive) that resides in the mind as a result of what the eyes sees and what the ears has listened to.
 These thoughts are easily expressed through the tongue as words with the ability to either make the hearer happy or sad. So, because these internal conflicts are always resident in the mind one must constantly mind his/her utterances and keep declaring and affirming positive self building words about oneself or one’s  business irrespective of how dwindling the business may be.
Most times people close down their health and business with their mouth (words) before its eventually closed down. Reality is of the mind. So when you give voice to the thought in your mind whether positively or negatively, it will become to you as declared in no time.
  • Thought consciousness.

Thoughts are silent words that keeps the mind bubbling either negatively or positively. Its a bye product of what you see, hear, and feel.  So you  must discipline yourself about how you process your feelings, what you see and what you hear.

You must focus your mental power (thought) on becoming a successful person rather than thinking about how badly someone treats you.

In summary, like I mentioned earlier the four first techniques ( Vision and goal setting, stock taking,  that’s memorizing your goals, getting rid of limiting belief inherited myths e. t.c ) work effectively when the cautioning acts (self discipline) is strictly adhere to.
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Lonely? Don’t worry here’s a way out

Loneliness is a negative emotional shift . Some says it comes by being alone. What about those who feels lonely even in the midst of multitude of people ?

Truth is,  loneliness is a feeling of not being  carried along like a child who feels neglected by his peers having fun for lack of understanding or inability to do what others are doing.

In other words  you can be in the crowd and still feels lonely. Thus loneliness is a state of mind that affects the whole body system. A  social isolation can  cause or triggers the feelings of loneliness but  such cannot be a sole factor for loneliness.

Loneliness can be both emotional and psychological in nature. It’s  a feeling of emotional disconnection from the happenings around.

Studies have shown that loneliness can lead to a number of health challenges. Long term feeling of loneliness can result in overall health break down which may result in cardiovascular diseases, dermatitis, depression and alteration of the immune cells system  in a way that increases susceptibility to such illness.

 Recent studies has also  revealed  that loneliness can be contagious because staying with people who are  experiencing the feelings of loneliness can make one feel lonely too in the verge of trying to help them.

 Loneliness may be caused or triggers by list of factors  such as :

1) Holding to the memories of the past resulting from lost of love ones or marital separation. This is because the human brain loves to analyze things, events or circumstances.

Thus, such momentary analysis can lead to the  feelings of loneliness especially when thoughts like ” why is everything going the wrong way? ”  ” why can’t I be loved back as I’d really deserved or desired? ”keeps flocking uncontrollably into the mind, it can alters one’s feelings and emotions paving way for the feelings of  sadness, low self esteem and depression to set in.

Loneliness is one factor that can lead to heart attack when allowed to linger on unchecked or unattended to.
 Its funny but realistic to know that a person can also feel lonely without being able to actually figure out why.
2) Change of environment . This may also lead to the feeling of loneliness especially when one moves to an area where he/she has no friends or relatives to associate with easily.  Although this  may not be really detrimental or life threatening as the case may be.
According to Theresa May, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life as it affects both the physical and mental health of people across demographic of age bracket.
To Steve Cole, a genomics researcher at the university of California, Los Angeles,  says that the people who feel lonely are  at increased risk of suffering from cancer because the white blood cells seems to be more triggered in a way that increases inflammation resulting in strokes and increased stressed level.
Loneliness is a feeling and a perception which involve the way we view ourselves and the world around us.
So, to put an end to this unwanted mysterious feeling, the following tips can help cure loneliness.
  • Identify your feelings. To do this you must be able to first master your feelings to notice any negative shift of emotions. This is what helps you to narrow back your mind to the happenings or event that trigger such feelings in you.
Most people who feel lonely find it difficult to actually trace the root cause of that feeling of loneliness. So, in order to actually discover that, a quick survey of things to be grateful for need to be itemized.
In doing this, other aspects you’re not grateful for will pop up with a feeling linking you to that feeling of loneliness.
In that way, you discover what actually led to  your feelings of loneliness  which you are to thereafter work on to change your feelings and reactions.
  • Change of mindset. Change of mindset can help reduce or get rid of loneliness. This is because most people who feel lonely often think that people don’t want them  or love them. With this attitude, it becomes very difficult to understand what people honestly feel about them.


  • Step out of your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone to meet new people, see different environment can help divert your mind from that feeling and focus your mind on something new.


  • Get busy.
Loneliness can be as a result of Boredom. Thus, to get rid of such feeling, it’s advisable you engage yourself in creative activities or doing a volunteering job. Volunteering to help others can create a positive mental shift in you that will wade off the feeling of loneliness.
You can volunteer to help older women especially widows or homeless children or the gardener. Just occupy your mind with something else that will help take your mind off that feelings of loneliness.
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Too much”why”leads to depression-1

Too much thinking drains the blood and overwork the heart. Too much asking of why this why that can lead to mental and health complications when it’s not vision oriented based.

A wise man once told me that too much asking of “why” can take us to the days of creation and make one to start looking for explanation one’s heart is not prepared to handle.

These ”why” provoking thoughts leads to depression and they are questions (negative questions) frequently asked by people when things go wrong or seems not to be working as desired.

These ”why’s” when ponder on often ends in a bad light and sometimes suicidal. However despite its negative end point, people still often get trapped in these ”why’s’ web without knowing because thoughts magnet thoughts and alike situations.

Thus, in this series I will analyzed one or two of these various destructive”why” (question) line of thoughts, their dangers and caution note to avoid been trapped therein.

*Why is this happening to me?

A deeper consideration of this question suggest either a cry for help in order to avoid the feeling of self pity, self hatred or a reflection on past negative experiences, past mistakes resulting in self blame and guilt.

This may  lead to inner healing through observation of positive steps towards recovery when thought on positively.

However, it may also come with truck loads of anguish,pains, bitterness, self pity and many more when pondered on negatively through blame games, pointing accusing fingers and many more.

This is because  such action  is likely to  take you back memory lane to how your business engagement, political engagement or marital relationship fails.

It will take you back to ponder on how you were unwilling to take the blame at that time for peace to reign, how you did or fail to do a particular thing you think you should have done and so on.

This way, you feel like beating the pant off the air, blaming others unnecessarily for your failure, pains and ill feelings forgetting the fact that it was an event that fails and not you in person.

When you realized the fact that it was your attempt that fails then you begin to think again, to restrategize on how your next attempt will be better and result oriented than the former.

Truth is, when you begin to act contrary and keep blaming yourself or people for your negative experiences things will keep becoming worse.

At that point in time, everyone around you become a suspect, insecurity will set in, life will seem meaningless to you and then you start asking ”what are you living for”, giving way for depression to set in with feelings of low self exteem.

In one of my book ”you and the mirror” I discussed extensively on the negative outcome of dwelling in the past, glorifying the past(the good old days), allowing your past mistakes or failures to have a hold on you and influence your present situation negatively which often result in people hating themselves that they lose control in almost every aspect of their lives.

Note: No one’s hatred towards you can reduced your self worth than your inner feelings of self hatred. In other word, your self worth doesn’t depends on how much love people showed you but on how much love you showed yourself and feel internally.

Thus if you are already on the line of asking this”why”negative line of questions like the one above, I’d encourage you to discard it with the feelings that comes with it and start declaring /affirming positive words over your emotions and situations till you believe it, feel it, act on it and eventually see it manifest.

You can hate the negative events or experiences but never hate yourself because you can’t build what you hate and you need the ” you” in you in succeed in your next line of actions.


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