Dominating your days: wake up and pray

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Dominating the day: wake up and seize the night hours.

Every day is like a woman with a womb. She has twenty four hours to give birth and the pregnancy starts at midnight. She either give birth in the morning, noon or night. In either ways it’s within the twenty four hours.

Have you command your morning like the psalmist? (psalm 5:3). Why are you saying it disobeyed when you haven’t issue a command? Did you ask the day to bring you helpers, favor or to move your family and it fails?The prayers that works!

The day comes empty-your faith determines the possibilities you see in the day. “Give us our daily bread oh Lord”. Whether or not you ask for your daily, the day will pass by but you can use the day as the hand of the clock and put in something into the womb of the morning to deliver to you in the day.Awake! Command the morning for your good

You must understand the mystery of spiritual legislation, the ability to round spirituality and bring your life to the obedience of Christ Jesus. You must know how to pray until victory is birthed. You don’t pray till you are tired, you pray till your peace is restored. Sanitize your home, your environment in prayers.What God says vs. What you say

Altars are raised and also destroyed at midnight. Great destinies have been exchanged at midnight. Wake up! Intercede for your family and your world at large. Have you ever wondered how come dagon neck was broken overnight? Dagon was a threaded god of the Philistines but before the morning the God of vengeance has taken over. (1sam5:1-6).

Whatever issues in your life that appears to have defy solution in the day can be settled on your knees in prayers at night.
Don’t wait for things to deteriorate before you act. Don’t wait to be described by your situation before you stand in prayers. Wake up and utilize the mystery of the night hours.

Why do you think occultism strives at midnight? Why do you think they perform their rituals at night? They understand that powers that controls the day resides in the night. Wake up! Obstacles are build up at midnight by the enemies and it can also be pulled down at midnight by prayers.

For the walls of Jericho to fall down flat, Joshua and the priest with all others has to compassed the city seven times before the dawning of the day. Why didn’t they do it in the noon time? Why didn’t they complain of possible snake bites at midnight? (Joshua 6:15)

The evil you see in the day are reflections of decisions taken at midnight. . For David might and victory over Goliath to be established, he has to arise before the morning to bring food to his brethren at the field(1sam17). What if he wasn’t an early riser? David seized that opportunity by seizing the night hours. David was a man of prayers and praise.

God only reveals deep secret to those he can trust to wake up and stand in the gap for others. You can party all night and you can’t pray all night? Why won’t you be oppressed at night when sleep away focus. Things slip away from those who love to sleep all through the night Jehoshaphat received instructions that led to the divine victory of Judah and Jerusalem from God early in the morning(2chronicle20:20-23). What if he was sleeping?

Oppressions starts at midnight. Wake up and pray! Job cried out” The murderer rising with the light killeth the poor and the needy, and in the night is as a thief(Job23:14).

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