Don’t say be serious minded-say be focused minded. Find out why?

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Be focus minded and not being serious minded.

This statement is like a puzzle to many people. Oftentimes we tell our friends and even relatives to be serious minded without having a deep thought as to what the word serious connote; that’s the negativity inherent in the word “serious “.

Oftentimes I refute the saying associated with “being serious”, “like seriously” to denote something good. My response then was the usual “serious people are at the morgue” without even knowing that my subconscious mind  was actually revealing the truth of the word to me. Too much”why”leads to depression-1

Few days after I was pondering on why will people tell one another to be serious in the name of encouragement? I was hitted with few questions in response to my puzzle of the word “be serious “. Now let’s consider these statements. ” Amina is seriously ill or sick. The car was seriously damaged. She’s seriously heart broken. She’s in serious trouble”

“The death of her husband has seriously affected her business. That guy is seriously broke. The school building is seriously delapidating. Mrs Jones is seriously troubled by her in-ability to have a child”. These and many more connote something negative, something dying, something in imminent danger. It’s holds no possibility of growth or aspiration. Do you know why that child can’t read and write at 8?

The word “serous, seriously, be serious” is for the dead not the living. The dead are ones that are serious; serious not to hear or listen to the plea of their love ones to come back to life. The dead are serious that they can’t be considerate on how those they left behind can survive.

Never say be serious! Say be focus or be determined. To be focus is of the mind. It means to concentrate on a set goal.  It calls for channelling all your attentions, your energy and resources  on that particular goal, to give it a life. To be serous is to be stiff; to be harden and inconsiderate just like the dead.Why babies cry non-stop at night

If you must encourage anyone to strive for the mastering of good vigour, let your words covey the energy and true meaning of encouragement. The word serious doesn’t convey such energy required for growth and productivity. Be focus minded! Be determined for positive turnaround! Leave being serious for the dead.

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