Five salient relationship killers you must avoid

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There are people who prefer to just be alone but here come a season in your life that you feel the need to have someone around to talk to. Someone willing to listen as you unburdened your heart. However when you eventually find person you wonder why such relationship doesn’t last long and you keep asking “what is my offence”.

Truth is some relationships pattern prefer to walk away than sit you down to analyze issue that are of concern in the relationship. They assume the opposite sex wouldn’t understand or see reasons with them especially when the other person possess certain attitudes which I will discuss shortly.

  • Overbearing attitudes. Most guys or lady want their partner to behave in a particular way for getting they weren’t raised the same way, in the same environment nor have to tore the same line to have same life experience. If your partner continually nags about your attitude don’t quit the relationship but rather sit yourself and crossexamine yourself for a positive change. Also learn to forgive one and another no matter what. Forgiveness is a prize one must pay for a successful relationship.
  • Unnecessary comparison. Remember you are not in a competition with anyone so comparing your partner achievements or attitude to someone else kills that relationship. When you do that you give your partner signal that he/she is just not good enough for you and shortly after you see the other party crawling out.
  • Unnecessary demands. Before demanding anything persistently from your partner, ensure he/she has that which you’re demanding for in circulation. Over demanding for things give the other person the impression that there’s someone out there who is promising you such which could be seen as sign of infidelity by your partner.
  • Sex. Don’t chase away your partner with sex. Know his/her sexual strength before pressing forth your sexual needs. That you are like a machine doesn’t make the other person one. Learn to meet at a compromise state in meeting each others needs. Sex is not a sign of intimacy it’s just a result of it. Consider the health conditions of one another in regards to that sexual demands and if such will jeopardize the others health then excerise self restraint.
  • Ingratitude. Ungrateful attitude kills relationship. Appreciate whatever gift you get from your partner whether or not it’s beneath your expectations. Encourage your partner when he/she is facing challenges at work or in his personal life. Don’t be the “me me me” kind of person. Show concern towards one another even if your partner promises you something and never fulfil it for one or two reasons you seem not comfortable with; don’t nag about it . There are many ways to handle issues without the use of violence.
  • Lack of Respect. Respect is key to any would be successful relationship. Irrespective of age or who pays the bills, respect each other feelings and opinions. Don’t be the “general commandant” kind of partner. Although it shouldn’t be like employer and employees relationship but respecting each others point of view, decisions and personality matters in building  your relationship with one another .


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