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Are you troubled? Pray up your worries. Are you troubled? Confined on someone you can trust. Someone without a basket mouth. Are you troubled? Cast your burden unto the Lord for he cares for you. Are you troubled? Learn to be in control of yourself, your emotions and your reactions. Are you troubled? Leave your comfort zone to a place where you can communicate fully with yourself alone without any distraction whatsoever.

What does it mean to be troubled?

To be troubled is to be worried or anxious. To be troubled presupposes that something somehow is bordering you and you don’t know how to go about it. To be troubled is be associated with the feelings that you Joy or peace is somehow gone. To be troubled is sometimes as a result of you trying to sort out a particular thing that you hold dear yet it seems unfixable to you.

Who can be troubled?

Anybody can be troubled but don’t allow yourself to be. Being troubled by something is not a sin or a criminal act. It’s a feeling associated with the yearning to accomplish a certain task. When you are troubled, don’t cast blame or point accusing fingers. When you are troubled, be mindful of the decision you make, the words you use on people and what goes on in your mind.

What being troubled does to you.

Being troubled or allowing yourself to be troubled incessantly over labour your heart and affect your overall health. When your heart is over stressed with worries, it will affect your heart beat rate, blood circulation in your arteries, and drains your joy which will inturn make you depressed.3 ways to manage pressure and avoid depression

In same vein, when you allow yourself to be troubled uncontrollably, chances are, you will eventually become a sadistic person thereby chasing people away from you because no one wants to be effected with negative mood swings.

The Bible says a broken spirit dried the bone. It takes being intensely troubled to have one’s spirit broken. Until you are troubled, nothing tampers your joy and so long your joy is intact, your spirit can’t be broken. Being troubled can make you sick beginning with back ache, followed by feverish condition and so on.

Certain factors can make one to be troubled uncontrollably such as inability to settle a debt, undue delay in child bearing, marital settlement, delay in education as a result of incessant strikes or administrative undue wickedness.

Other factors that can also contribute to being troubled is inability to meet your needs or that of your love ones especially after making a promise which you intend to leave up to. Thus, you have to let go whatever and whoever you can’t change instead of losing your peace of mind.Stabilizing your peace of mind in overcoming hypertension

Being troubled
Being troubled.

What do to when you are troubled.

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