“I’m sorry ” not (“sorry”) can save your relationship /marriage

How God saves you from toxic relationship
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Often times people end up ruining their relationship or marriage with pride without even knowing. Pride is one thing that we all posses and sometime it over possess us without us knowing. how to know a cheating loverWhen things go wrong in your relationship or marriage what do you do to restore peace and the love back? What do you say to appease your spouse or partner ?Five salient relationship killers you must avoid Do you actually use the right word or you just fuel up the fire by being surly?  Oh I quickly apologize ! I say sorry but it doesn’t change anything you say! Really ?

How you use the word “sorry determines whether or not you are restoring peace or whether you fueling the ember of disagreement; it shows if you are actually remorseful of your actions or whether you are exhibiting pride with “I’m the man/boss mentality “.

The word “sorry” connotes exclamation which implies that something is wrong somewhere somehow; It implies that something negative has happened but you are not responsible for such happenings. It doesn’t reflect or convey any sense of remorsefulness on your part to warrant forgiveness from the other party (the victim).

Personalizing it  like  “I’m sorry ” on the other hand rather than “sorry “exclamation shows your state of remorsefulness; it reveals your acknowledgement of the wrongful act or conduct resulting in the breach of peace of that relationship. Personalizing the word sorry (“I’m sorry “) however simple it may seem or sound has an embodiment of emotional sword capable of penetrating the heart of the offendee(the victim) to initiate forgiveness.

Before now, I have often wonder why abusive relationship last longer than necessary? This is because one of the party is quick to come to term of his/her wrong and to remorsefully apologize. The third party to such relationship like you and I will be tempted to say” you mean after all these bruises you still keep up with the relationship? “. Then you hear the abused party says”He/she loves me”. Wow you say because you can’t fathom or rationale between the acclaimed love and the physical /emotional abuses.

Truth is, though the abuser needs psychological help, they are blessed with the understanding of the right usage of the word”sorry”. Humility breeds peace but being surly with I’m the man or I’m the boss mentality will only ruin your relationship.
Take for instance the use of the word “sorry” and it’s connotations in this format.

Sorry baby!👉 (sound romantic but has no sense of remorsefulness. It connote the feelings of I’m not the cause of the problem) Sorry for your loss 👉(Has no emotional attachment, no sense of guilt and no forgiveness requires)
Sorry!👉 (implies am not the reason you are sad. Why am I even apologizing after all am the man/boss. If you like don’t cheer up)
Sorry Ooh hmm👉( Means I have fulfilled all righteousness -afterall no one will say I didn’t apologize).

Now compare the above analogy with the following.. 👉”I’m sorry,👉 I’m truly sorry,👉 I shouldn’t have done that or say that..I’m truly sorry “.

Now try to go back memory lane to the relationship that hurt you most and assume such words (from the last analogy) is coming from that particular person. Check your emotional level, your heart beat. How do you feel? Do you see yourself forgiving that person? (of course you should) or you see yourself holding back like the real agent of Lucifer the devil. Lolz.

You see, how we use certain words How to calm a nagging pregnant wifein our relationship and everyday life determined the outcome of the situation that arises. Life operate on a give and take principle whether you like it or not. God gave Jesus Christ to have us all. Why give vinegar to your spouse or partner when you won’t accept such in return? Balance that equation in your relationship, marriage and business. Timely ” I’m sorry ” will forever banish third party from your relationship or marital affairs.

No one is perfect ; so tolerance must be adhere to strictly but not abusively and the timely “I’m sorry ” rather than the prideful exclamation of “sorry” should be cautiously used to restore peace and oneness to our homes. Don’t insist that things be done in your own way all the time. Be dynamic, be unique and not rigid because rigidity kills faster. Your mindset= your futureOnly those who embrace changes grow. Never allow “I’m the man/boss mentality outweigh your sense of judgement in restoring peace to your home or relationship.

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2 thoughts on ““I’m sorry ” not (“sorry”) can save your relationship /marriage”

  1. This article is a family and relationship builder. I have a case on hand right now where the man is actually towing the line of am the boss n the lady is holding her ground that the guy is never remorseful
    The relationship is at the verge of total collapse. Am going to 4ward this article to both of them.
    Thank you for putting this together for people to learn from.

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