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Incredible wonders of applying oil to your feet

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Glory!! With oil on your feet, no more pains! Your feet has over 100 pressure points link to your entire body. Do you know the incredible wonders of applying oil to your feet? oil is a lubricant; and just as a car bearings need constant oil in form of grease to stay fit, so does the human body needs oil to stay fit. You want to say goodbye to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis? Massage your feet with oil and make it your daily routine.

Do you want those frictions causing waist pain, ankle pain, knee pains and over all joint pain to go away? Grab a bottle of oil and I will show you how it works. According to Chinese reflexologist, the feet has up to 100 pressure points connected to the various organ of the body. So what feet massage does, is to connect to these organs via the feet rubs and ease off the pains. http://Chinese

Oil your feet
Oil your feet

This secret is very simple and very easy to apply everywhere and for everyone. Apply any oil, mustard or olive, even palm kernel oil on the sole of the feet and the entire foot, especially for 2 minutes on the sole and 2 minutes on the sole of the right foot. Never forget to massage the soles of the feet at bedtime, and massage the children in the same way if you are with kids.The mystery of the anointing oil every believer must know

Make it a routine for the rest of your life. Then sit back and observe how your health will get positively enhanced. Why not start applying oil on the soles of the feet if you can spend hours making up your face?
In this article, I will be sharing with you testimonies of those who have tried this excerise and how it affected their health positively so you too can share yours.

A lady once said that her grandfather died at the age of 87 with no stories of backache, no joint pain, no headache, no tooth loss and the secret to that is oil. She said out of curiosity I asked why the grandpa was doing that. She said  ” once he had massage his toes with the oil, he would say I learnt this from an older man who was laying stones on the railway line to apply oil on the soles of his feet while sleeping. This became my sole source of treatment and fitness.

Okessia Rita, a student also  said that her mother always insisted on applying oil in the same way. Then when she started noticing her vision was becoming weak and blurred as a child she continued this process and her eye light gradually became fully and healthier.Pregnancy is divine: Fruits to be cautious of when pregnant

A Business man also wrote that when he went to China for a holiday, he slept in a hotel there and couldn’t sleep for no reason he can pinpoint so he started roaming the premises . The old watchman sitting outside at night started asking him, “What’s the matter?” So he said I can’t sleep! He smiled and said, “Do you have any oil?” He said no, So the Old man went in and brought a small bottle of oil and said, “Massage the soles of your feet for a few minutes.” Now I am back to normal he said.

Oil on the sole of your feet
Oil on the sole of your feet

I for one has tried this oil massage on the soles of my feet before sleeping at night. This makes me sleep better and relieve me of fatigue . It also makes me remember things on time. More like boasting my retentive memory.

One evening I had a stomach upset that it seems like the toilet was becoming my sitting room but after massaging with oil on my soles, my stomach problem was cured within the next 1Hr 30minutes. So when I realized the magic effect of the oil to my body just by simple massage on my toes, I made it an habit to always massage the soles of my feet with oil before going to sleep at night. This process gave me a very relaxed sleep.How to calm a nagging pregnant wife

If your feet used to ache or itch you like it does to me then, simply start massaging the soles of your feet with olive oil daily for 2 minutes before going to sleep at night. This process will bring you relief from the pain in your legs and even your joint pain will ease out.

How about pregnant women that usually have swollen legs? One pregnant women once said “My legs were always swollen and when I walked, I used to get tired. I started this process of oil massage on the soles of my feet before going to sleep at night. In just 2 days, the swelling of my legs disappeared” She also said “at night, before going to bed, I saw a tip of oil massage on the soles of my feet and started doing it.

This made me sleep very peacefully. It is a wonderful thing. This tip is better than sleeping pills for restful sleep. Now I sleep with oil soles of my feet every night she added.

Ada Ikea testifying on behalf of her grandfather said “My grandfather’s feet had a burning sensation and he was also having  headache. By the time he started applying oil on his soles, the pain had gone away. So when I noticed that grandpa was no longer complaining of headaches and I thought to myself because at that time I had thyroid disease, so I said why not try this also? To my amazement, after using the oil to massage my feet, just the sole of my feet now, I couldn’t tell how or when the thyroid disease disappear.

Another lady also testified saying “My leg was hurting all the time. So sometimes last year someone suggested to me to massage oil on the soles of the feet before going to bed at night. When I noticed the relief I got I started doing it daily. Now I am generally quiet.

Musa amba from kaduna also share her story saying ” I had hemorrhoids twelve or thirteen years ago. My friend took me to one baba who was 90 years old. He suggested rubbing oil on the palms of the hands, between the fingers, between the fingernails, and on the nails. He said “add four to five drops of oil to the navel and go to sleep”, so I began to follow his advice. I was very relieved. This tip also solved my constipation problem. My body fatigue also goes away and I feel relaxed as I noticed it also prevents snoring.

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By Leader Abiyone

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