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Pregnancy is divine: Fruits to be cautious of when pregnant

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Pregnancy is divine. Husband, ensure the safety of your wife and the unborn child.

The joy of every young couple after tying the marriage knot is to see the wife pregnant and at the end welcome a new born as member of the family. Nothing gives joy and peace of mind more than this divine happening. However while some will have to wait for decades and be  subjected to extended family members unfair treatment others have this joy on a platter of gold in no distant time.

When this finally happened, the woman is prone to experience various changes ranging from hormonal imbalance to psychological, physical and emotional changes. Her diets eventually has to change for  her over all health and that of the unborn baby. It will be outright foolishness to allow this joy of motherhood to be aborted for carelessness in regards to certain fruits intake.

Although fruits are naturally good for the body for their vitamins and other mineral supplements, caution is required in its intake when pregnancy is involved. In this article, I will be listing certain fruits every pregnant women must be cautious of irrespective of the fact that individual body chemistry differs.

Here we go :

Pawpaw. Pawpaw which is botanically called papaya is rich in vitamin C with antiflamatory properties. Consuming strong or unripe pawpaw can lead to miscarriage in the first trimester of the pregnancy.Immune booster: Fruits and vegetables that can keep your over all health intact. Papaya or pawpaw has latex content which is capable of triggering uterus contraction and surplus bowel movement which is very unsafe for the health of the unborn child.  A pregnant woman should be very cautious of her intake of this fruit to avoid constipation which can affect the health of the baby.

Grape: women who are addicted to grape intake before marriage or pregnancy should avoid it as it produces heat in the body and also cause increase of hormonal imbalance. Although grape is one of the most nutritious fruits, it’s consumption is unsafe for pregnant women because of the resveratrol content found on its skin containing toxic which may be poisonous to the health of the unborn child. Resveratrol is a phenolic compound of the stilbene family present in wines and various parts of the grape, including the skin, and shows antioxidant and antiproliferative activities but certainly not good for the health of pregnant women.

Grape is also very difficult to digest and because the digestive system of pregnant women are sometimes weak it becomes very important for pregnant women to do away with it especially in the first trimester of the pregnancy. staying healthy is a choice

Watermelon : Watermelon as the name implies has high water content which help keep the body hydrated and to also flush out harmful toxins from the body. However while this flushing process is on, the unborn baby can be exposed to those harmful toxins being flushed out. Although watermelon ease heart burn and swelling, excess of it can also trigger increase in the blood sugar level especially on women with history of diabetes.

Aloe Vera plant: It’s natural for pregnant women to experience changes in complexion, skin infection like pimples and other skin related issues which is bound to fade away as soon as the baby is born. staying healthy is 100% possibleHowever most women are so impatient and fashion minded that they go all out to apply aloe Vera plant supplement which is harmful for the health of the unborn baby and that of the pregnant women.  Aloe Vera contains anthraquinones; a kind of laxation that can lead to contraction of the uterus and pelvic bleeding. Applying aloe Vera juice to face during pregnancy is not safe.

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By Leader Abiyone

Leader Abiyone is a freelance writer, a singer popularly known as Lyda. She's from the south region of Nigeria called delta state. She's a law graduate of National open university of Nigeria. She's a property consultant and estate manager. She's a lover of God's vineyard and God's word.

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