Reasons the rich get richer

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Why the rich get richer .

Someone very  ignoramus sometimes ago said “every wealthy man has a skeleton in his/her cupboard”. Meaning every wealthy man or woman is either a ritualist or he/she is a criminal in disguise. I looked at him, smile and walked away because people with such mindset are either lazy, pessimistic or primitive.

An elderly man who unknowingly to me was listening, called me to find out why I choose to leave the scene without uttering a word but rather smile. My response was” sir the same fate befalls both the rich and the poor but both choose to manage their fate differently. How you ask?  The poor has needs just as the rich has but the poor man lack planning.

The poor can’t bribe death just as the rich can’t bribe death. The poor comes across opportunities just as the rich does but their reactions to such opportunities makes the difference. Planning calls for discipline because you have to manage yourself as a person before you can manage your resources or even crisis.

The poor man sees problem while the rich man sees opportunities to excel; opportunity to make money and to advance in knowledge. The poor man has needs beyond his income and would like to spend in advance of his income; making him subject to indebtedness. The rich doesn’t spend before his income, he save and only spend from the leftover .

Every wealthy or successful man/woman are rule players. That is they lived by set rules. Rules about life in general, rules about their home/marital life, rules about association, rules about financial management and so many more. They stick to these rules and ensure such rule governed all they do.

The poor man is extremely liberal and vulnerable to be prey upon by circumstances and associates. They go after what’s in vogue without due consideration of the outcome. One major rule every successful person must stick to is “keep it under hat ” by Richard Templer.  This rules calls for secrecy in your income, progress and any “would be” successful ventures opened unto you.

The rule says don’t preach your income, don’t preach your success, don’t preach the opportunity you are about to utilize because not everyone will believe you and certainly not everyone will wish, you get better than they are; since that  to them means you are saying goodbye to poverty, goodbye to the street life, good bye to struggling; so keep it under hat always and let your success announced  itself .

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