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  1. When God speaks it sticks! A man’s rising and falling depends mostly on the calibers of his associates and his choice of words. No wonder the book of proverbs is elicit on that. “He that keep company with the wise shall be wise but a companion of fools shall be destroyed “. Why is destruction associated with companion of fools? Because they speak foolishness in the name of joke.

Robert schuller once said that a man’s company will determine what accompanies him. Whether poverty or wealth, sickness or good health, promotion or demotion. Who you follow or take advice from determines how far you go in life. Who speaks into your life determines the happenings around your life. You a are Voice : Re-position Yourself!

Sometimes ago a friend of mine humuriously said to me ” you are a small girl with no experience about life and you really have nothing to contribute to issues like this”. Immediately I rebuked him because I was instantly reminded that the God he teaches wisdom resides in me and allowing anyone to shut me down unnecessarily will close up the flow of divine wisdom and ideas in me.

This is because as human, our believe system is ruled by what we hear, take in and allowed to rule our sense of judgement in life. That means if we believe we can’t contribute to certain issues because we are made to believe that we lack experience, the knowledge we need will definitely be far from us. Speak your expectations no matter the frustration or happening around. staying healthy is 100% possible

From the circumstances surrounding King Solomon’s birth, age and kingship reign, one profound question we must often remind those who seek to pull down  our self worth to destroy our creative minds is “what school of experience does King Solomon attended to become an outstanding king among kings? Speak words that will challenge you to live to such expectations over your life even if people see that as pride.

If you must move forward in life, you must be mindful of the company you keep, the choice of words you allow people to speak over your life. God said” as surely as he lives, whatever he hears us speak to his ear and whatever he hears others speak into our lives uninterrupted is what he will bring to pass for us”. It’s a new month, speak into reality whatever you desires. What God says vs. What you say

That means whatever any speaks over our lives that seems unpleasant should be rebuked almost immediately with prayers and declaration of God’s words to overrule any of such utterances. Speak life, peace, fruitfulness, success and all you desires to experience in life.

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