Take charge. Aren’t you the boss?

Stand up and take charge
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Are you really in charge?
Life is never gonna offer you a smooth ride if you don’t take charge of certain things. Whether in your relationship, business, career, marriage or associations.You a are Voice : Re-position Yourself!

There are people that enjoys the drivers position of people’s life. You either do it in a certain way or you are not doing it at all. You either play by certain rules or you get ready to be label a rebel.

You see, God created you and I to have dominion, to take charge of all that concerns us while recognizing God as the author and the finisher of our faith and aspiration in life, and giving honour to whom it is due.
I have come to a stage where I don’t get worked out because of circumstances I didn’t create.Speak your expectations into reality

Stand up and take charge
Stand up and take charge


I have come to a realization that until you find out something resolute about yourself people are going to make you believe you are what you are not. They are going to make you feel guilty for every ill treatment they get along the lines. People are going to make you pay for what you didn’t take so long you fail to  set a standard of living for yourself.

When I started dating and encountering break ups; at first it was like hell because it was all happening either on my birthday or a week after or a week before. One day I told myself amidst tears looking straight at myself in the mirror; I said “Leader you’ve got to take charge of things happening to you. You’ve got to take charge of what happened next in your next relationship and even in your social relationship with friends ”

While I was muttering those words out, I began to see myself beautiful in thoughts, in things I can do that I haven’t been doing and finding a balance for myself as to whether or not to let the negative happenings defines me. Then I realized a few things like “Finding reasons to live by my name, doing what a leader should do and why I should never beat myself to a state of regret for whatever happenings that comes with pains.Too much”why”leads to depression-1

So I developed a phrase or better still a motivational quote that sheild me from emotional breakdown. That quote is “every break up is a stepping stone for greatness “. So when he says am not doing again, I simply smile and start seeing another opportunity of freedom, to pursue other things that will make me better than he’s leaving me”. I took charge of my emotions from that moment onward. It was a vow never to remain on a stand still mode in life.

Oh no! Leader you don’t understand, you see my life is a mess, it’s not like yours” you say? Look you either get ready to get out of the mess or get drown in the mess. Life comes with choices. And I tell you the truth, if you are not guilty as charged you will keep glowing no matter what people throws at you. You know why? God rewards people based on the contents of their heart not by their body language or the fake smiles or fake love and care shown to you.

Take charge of your heart. Do you know there are people who looks so truthful even when telling lies? So don’t let your life get polluted by cheap gossip or ill comments from such people. If you don’t take charge of how you see people, how you manage crisis or information you received about people, you will be made to inherent other people’s hatred and vengefulness.

It’s either you are in charge or someone else is in charge. Do you know being in charge of people calls for divine wisdom? It’s not about age, position or charisma. You need God! You need wisdom! You need quality advisers. You need the Holy Spirit to guide you through in scrutinising the informations you received. You have to be in charge of yourself as a person before you can successfully be in charge of people.

You need to be in charge of your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, the information you received, believed and dessiminate. Are you truly in charge? Is your decision fueled by cheap gossip or on factual ground. Can you prove its veracity?

Don’t chase away the orphan in your tent because of uncontrolled anger, hatred and negative vices emanating from people who are ill desperate and vengeful. Why make yourself a tool for them to actually their vengeful quest?

You see trust is one thing you can’t build once it’s broken and trust can be broken through words, body language and lots more. How in charge are you?
I remember telling someone who once felt I can’t be anything without him sometimes ago. You know what I did? I ask him if he can remote control my breath and he said no, then I walked away.The fire refines: Go through it

I was hurt but I channelled it to God in prayers and in praise. I severe all contacts with him and faced my fears. Three weeks later someone I had wanted to see was in need of something I can do and I volunteered to do it. The story changed from there, the battle got toughen and I grew stronger and emotionally steady with time.

Be in charge
Be in charge

You see, taking charge is giving yourself up to harsh and baseless criticism or hatred because people naturally like volunteers and that will make you the bee’s knees. However backbiting is expected at this time of you being the bee’s knees because people will get jealous, some of which is from the fear of losing you while others is just pure hatred and envy.Wake up -You can surmount the mountain

Be in charge so you can have a safe landing when things go hay wire. You will be nickname! So don’t be surprised when it happens. Just keep going, no stopping, no looking back except you’re guilty as charged. Let God takes the glory. Certain decisions in your life need nothing more than Holy Ghost consultation. So take charge now!

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