The mystery of the anointing oil every believer must know

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The anointing oil is one of the mystery of God’s kingdom given to believers as weapon of faith to overcome all vines of the wicked. God’s power is inherent in the anointing oil to heal all manner of sickness and diseases. For He gave them power to cast out devils and to heal all manners of sickness and diseases. ( mark6:7,12-13)However understanding is a prerequisite to benefiting therefrom; no wonder proverb 4:7 says among other things that in all your getting, get understanding.

Understanding doesn’t jump on people, it comes through deep meditation on any subject matter as in the case of Philip and the Ethiopia Eunuch in Acts 8:31-38 for the things of God are mystery to them that are without (mark4:11). As believers we belong to a kingdom that’s ruled by mysteries and the anointing oil is one of such mystery for the healing of God’s people . Psalm89:20-23, James5:14-15. Every believer must come to understand that there’s a covering /preservation power in the anointing oil(psalm91.10).

Why is the anointing oil a mystery?

Mysteries are divine secret embedded in the Holy scriptures as seen in Ephesians 3:1-5. Mystery doesn’t make sense to the natural sense but it’s physical effect cannot be denied.(Icor.2:14) Remember the water that was turn to wine? How do you explain the turning point of that water into wine? How about the red sea experience? Faith in God’s protection vs. Fear of covid 19(your choice)How do you explain that some people pass through the same sea as if it was a dry land while others were drown in the same sea? (Exodus 14:22)How about the cleansing of Naaman in the river Jordan? (2kings5:1-14) So also is the mystery of the anointing oil. What God says vs. What you sayThe mystery of God destroys principalities and powers. They are the wisdom of God in manifestation.( Icor2:7-8)

Origin of the anointing oil.

The anointing oil is not a church doctrine as some may think but it is an ordinance of God  as seen in Exodus30:23-31). However before you argue verse30 of the above scripture  to be for the priest in the Old Testament remember we are redeemed as kings and priests through the eternal blood of Jesus Christ as seen in (Rev5:10).

God is the originator of the anointing oil and whatever God doeth is forever (Eccl. 3:14). It is trans-generational.

What’s in the anointing oil for believers?

The spirit of the Lord that set people free from captivity, from all oppression of the devil and healing of the brokenhearted is in the anointing oil. Luke4:18, Isam16:13, Eph4:4.

The power of God that heals staying healthy is 100% possibleall manners of sickness and diseases is in the anointing oil. Matt4:23, mark6:7,12-13.

The seal of exemption from all evil is in the anointing oil .Psalm105:13-15. The anointing oil makes you a touch not entity. Zech2:8. Because our body is the temple of God, the Holy Ghost dwells in us and God has a mission to thourougly purge our floor to burn up every chaff in our system  with unquenchable fire. Icor3:16, 6:19, Matt 3:11-12. The anointing oil is made from the tree which God has designed for the healing of Nations (Rev. 22:2)

How to apply the anointing oil

We apply the anointing oil on the forehead as a mark of exemption from all evil. Ezekiel 9:6. The mark has to be on the forehead to be seen. Psalm105:13-15.

We also apply it by taking a shot of it to quickens our body to come alive  and burn up every chaff in our system be it sickness or diseases because whatever that’s not planted by God shall be rooted up. Matt 15:13, Romans8:11, Jeremiah 23:29, Isaiah 10:27.

In this wise, remember the earth is our territory to take and dominate because God has given it to us as believers. By the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the authority in the name of Jesus Christ excerise that authority over your territory and curse whatever you don’t want,  to fizzle out of your territory. Psalm115:16. SpeakThe prayers that works! to the earth and it will obey you( Jeremiah 22:29,)

Extracted from the Holy Bible as inspired by the Holy Spirit and teaching of Bishop David Oyedepo. For comments and feedback use the link below or the comments box provided below.




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