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The Power of Determination.

Determination as a virtue is the strongest will or sustained decision to achieve something irrespective of the encountered adversities. It is a famous quote that said” The empire of the future is the empire of the mind”. But not all kinds actually births an empire,” All minds can conceptualize ideas and dreams but not all really actualize them; only those who act against all odds do.

What you need to know about Determination.

The lacuna between conceptualization and actualization is DETERMINTION . That is Why I break down determination to be detered- mind-still in action. It’s Determination that transformed your desires, your dreams and aspirations into reality. Without Determination iron would have never floated on water.

Until you are determined to succeed, until that Determination pushes you to take steps repeatedly not minding the frustrations that flocks your face along the lines, success will forever remain in your dream or thought realm.


The voyage of life is never a smooth sail and joy, failure and success which at a point in time we are bound to encounter to them but the one we finally live in is the one we choose and are determined to keep. Read also: 3 keys to sustain your peace of mind for success

We do not avoid failure by just saying”I don’t want to fail neither do we succeed by mere saying”I want to succeed. The best way to fail in life is to live it by the rule of chance and choice. Those who live by chance wait for something to happen as opposed to those who live by the determined choice to always make things happen. In every realistic world, the price for success is employing determination against all intricacies to make things happen.

In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci ” Those who sit back and let things happen for them accomplish little but so great accomplish those who go out and make things happen”. In this current dispensation where we have kill-dream government and environment, it is difficult to actualize any conceptualized idea or dream without the force of determination.


The road to failure is found in comfort with no cold or stone, but the road to success is rough with cold and stone and can only be walked on by those with the feet of determination says Adideli C. Tosin. Read alsoYou can! Dream on

It’s nice to have a vision, good to have a dream and better to have a plan but what happens when your vision or it’s accomplishment faces impediment? What happens when your dreams face forces that make it faint? What happens to your plans when it’s execution faces obstruction? The answers to these questions form the litmus to our determination.

What Determination does Determination for you.

Determination is not measured by our actions in the period of no-caution but our reaction in that period of adversity. Those who dream without determination end up living in dreamland while those with vision without determination embark on spineless missions that ends in destruction says Adideli C Tosin.

A dream to succeed doesn’t become a reality through magic, it takes sweat and determination. No matter how fast failure is, it can never overtake a man whose will is strong enough to press on. “We cannot go further than the world’s expectation without determination, for when the will is ready, the feet is light.Wake up -You can surmount the mountain

The difference between successful persons and others is not the lack of strength or knowledge but the lack of will says Vince Lombardi Jnr.
Just as we can’t ride a car without fuel,cook without water, live without air, so also we cannot break through barriers of life without the power of determination. For questions and contributions, use the comment box provided below.

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