The prayers that works!

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When we pray we don’t play, we commune with God. To commune is to fellowship and to do that we must communicate with focus not on the weight of the problem but on the integrity of God’s ability to do all things, to change the situation for the better and to make our lives better based on what God is saying about the situation.

God has a word for every situation in life. When God created us human, He created us as a perfect being with full capacity to create whatever we want in life with the provisions of the raw materials needed to achieve such aim.

However humanity lost that perfection attribute at the fall of man due to the disobedience of the first man/woman God created (Adam and Eve).

God being the all-knowing and ever merciful God knew that due to the fall of man from the perfect state of affair, circumstances beyond the knowledge and control of man is inevitable since man has no prior experience to overcome such.

So, God put in place in his word the principles, the instructions and the way out of such negative challenges to equip us to be a victor and not a victim of those challenges.

These words, instructions, and the solution needed to overcome every challenges of life is hidden(written) in God’s word (the Bible) which we must search out as an individual and apply to our individual’s challenges otherwise, frustration will becomes the order of the day.

The prayer that God answer is the prayer of “God said”. That means you must find out what God has said about that situation because there’s nothing new on earth.

What seems new are only given new names to suit the current dispensation.
The “God said “kind of prayer is taking back to God what He has said about you and the contrary situation.

It is holding God by his word. It’s a way of reminding God about what he has said because He can’t lie or change his word.

People get frustrated about their problems or situation even after praying because they felt or think that effective prayers is in multitude of baseless words.

They thought it’s about telling God how you feel about the situation. No!
Effective prayers is not about your feelings, your tears or your pains and complaints but about your heart connection to God based on what He has said in his written word.God’s word are promises made to humanity; so you must be able to find out these promises that applies to your situation; otherwise serving God will be boring to you when contrary situation arises.

Does it mean that God is not listening when people spend hours to chant in the name of prayers and return home frustrated?

Do you think such people actually pray when they knee down or stand up with their faces looking upward?

What about those whose problems moved them to cry incessantly to God? Does crying actually move God to answer prayers?

You see, God hate complaints. He sees and know each problems that surfaces before his children and He want his children to trust Him completely and take their attention and focus from the problem and put it solely on Him.

Most times, when people go out either to church or any place of their choice to pray, they aren’t actually praying but complaining. You hear words like ‘’ God why me? What have I done wrong? Why can’t you just answer this simple prayer and they say you the almighty? Why is my life like this?

When you do this, you seems ungrateful to God for being alive; because believe it or not, there are arrows that flies by day and night that He delivers you from which you can’t see (psalm91:5).

God doesn’t joke with thanksgiving irrespective of how terrible that situation is because He is a terrible God who answers by terrible things .(psalm65:5,66:3 and psalm68:35).
Thanksgiving is a must in praying effective prayers. Malachi2:2, psalm 92:1, 2Thessalonians5:18.

No wonder Jesus while teaching the disciples on how to pray (Matthew 6:9-13)said in this manner ye should pray” saying our father (acknowledgment of who God is to you ) who art in heaven(Acknowledgment of his supremacy over all things), hallowed be thy name (praises and thanksgiving), thy kingdom come( his will),  thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven(application of his will to your life and situation in general), give us this day our daily bread( personal request), forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us(in other to stay connected with God), and lead us not into temptation(affirmation of your trust in Him) but deliver us from evil (because your focus is on Him)for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever(thanksgiving and praise again) amen(agreement)!

No matter the urgency required in your situation, you must thank God first for being alive to see such situation with the confidence in Him that he will make a way of escape for you before making your request known to Him.

In making your request known, it must be based on what is written in His word for you concerning that situation.

For example God has said none shall be barren in the land! So, to the woman that is seeking for a child, she must remind God that promise to terminate that stigma of barrenness.

The faith in praying effective prayers is the ability to believe what God has said and hold on to it in prayers. You go to God in prayers telling Him “lord you said this and this”. That’s what commit God to answers your prayers and not the gravity of the tears you shed or the hours with which you narrate your stories of mysteries.



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