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Wake up -You can surmount the mountain

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The mountain is not as high as you think it to be – keep climbing! If you can’t climb the mountain at first sight, walk round it and familiarize yourself with it. Then the zeal to climb will come. You don’t see the height if you really want to climb but seeing the result of actually being at the mountain top will strengthen you to climb.

“This task is tedious – this mountain is too high”. “This position is too demanding”. These are songs of a lazy man. Don’t join his band group. Be like the sailor who sail against all odds, against the anger of the wind to arrive his destination.

“No you don’t know my background, you don’t know the pains I have gone through, if there was someone to help I wouldn’t be like this now, oh how I wish you are in my shoes you will truly understand my predicament says the pessimist “. Really?
Nobody will ever be your shoes dear so wake up from that bed of self pity! Even if you find someone whose shoe size is same as yours-they may never walk as you do.

You’ve got to wake up and say enough is enough! The mountain you run from today awaits you tomorrow. The vision you starve today will starve you tomorrow! Jesus said I work when it is day for the night cometh when no man can work.
The glory of every youth is their strength. What are you investing your strength on as a youth? Is it on your vision, set goals and aspirations for a better day ahead or on sexual immoralities and cheap gossip?

The choice is yours! Being youthful is not about age only. You are a youth if you still aspires to improve on certain areas of your life irrespective of your age. You see, we aged every second that passes by ; so wake up and climb to the top. There is always vacancy at the top that’s why eagles never clash in the sky. Why stay at the buttom that’s already crowded?

You’re not born to fit in but to stand out wherever you are found. What will you be remembered for tomorrow when you are no more where you are now? Don’t waste today lamenting on yesterday’s regret or mistakes. Everyday is an opportunity to build positively on yesterday’s bricks layed.  What if you didn’t lay any bricks at all? Then you have to wake up and do the needful.

Don’t follow the crowd into destruction -stand out! Don’t let what’s in vogue turn you into a rogue-be different! It’s understandable that we all made mistakes yesterday -lets not repeat yesterday’s songs of negative experiences in today’s class. Whatever your mountains are-you can surmount them! The help you need to climb is in you! It’s in your first move. So don’t wish the move – make the move! If you don’t move, the mountain will remain – the vision will remain a mere dream that owes no future for you.

Never say you have done enough -there’s still more to be done, there are still territories to possessed.
Jesus said it is finish because all his works on earth has been done! His missions on earth has been accomplished. Why fold your hands where there are still visionary bricks to be layed? Why feed your stomach to the brim when you are yet to nurse your dreams? The food you eat now will be wasted in few minutes later but the attention you give to that dream or aspirations/drives will forever take you a step ahead. Act now not later! Do it today not tomorrow! There’s no tomorrow is the actual sense… The tomorrow you talk about will become today. Make that call now! Fear not what the response will be-the first blow is half the battle. Move your mountain and move forward in life.

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By Leader Abiyone

Leader Abiyone is a freelance writer, a singer popularly known as Lyda. She's from the south region of Nigeria called delta state. She's a law graduate of National open university of Nigeria. She's a property consultant and estate manager. She's a lover of God's vineyard and God's word.

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