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You can! Dream on

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Write the vision, make it plain..that they may run that read it.. Though it tarry wait for it for it shall speak at the end. Many wants to live a life of luxury but have no plans to actualize it. Some have succumb to blame game when the desired life style doesn’t materialized.

Some often say I have no one to help but they forget to answer the question of what will my helper actually help me to materialize? There’s a saying that you don’t put something on nothing and expect it to stand.

Dream on- it is achievable! No dream is too big to be conceived and achieved by a determined soul. Dreaming is personal – you don’t need someone approval to dream big. The help will come when there’s something to actually help you with. No one help a waster!

Dream on!  It is for you to see it, feel it, imagine it, say it and act it until it becomes an integral part of you. So why then do people let their good dreams fizzle away based on other people’s opinion?

Dream is not what you see when you sleep; dream is what keeps you awake. It directs your actions and aspiration. Dream is what checkmate your plans and expenditure. Dream is not meant to be equal in size with the dreamer neither is it determined by one family background. Remember Joseph in the Bible?

Real dream will always contradicts your status, body size and will always appear to be beyond your financial strength. That’s why it’s a dream; that’s why you should understand that the only role required of a dreamer is to conceive it, see it, imagine it’s reality until it becomes manifest while holding on to every instructions of God the author of such dream concerning that dream.

Don’t expect your dream to correlate with your background or your current financial strength. Any dream that doesn’t posed a problem by challenging you financially, intellectually and otherwise holds no fortune for you in the nearest possible future. The eagle is small in size but it sail higher than any other birds because it has self confidence and the zeal to reach higher into the sky not minding it’s size and the wind(circumstances of life).

Don’t expect people to understand your dream more than you do or in accordance with the way you expect. Doing that is like an accident victim who’s expecting the doctor to help him feel the pain of his wound. Dream on as long as you have your breath. However it’s not enough to dream, you must be zealous enough for it to come through.

While dreaming or holding on to your dreams, be careful of your reactions and action in regards to people’s opinion. You will often hear something like ” it’s over-there’s no way out anymore ” “the door is not opening anymore just forget about it ” “oh you came too late.. “Oh how I wish I can help you ” ” this your dream is good but it’s not achievable in this part of the country ” e. t. c. but you have to decide either to find a way to make it come through or let it fizzle out alongside the negative compliments or comments.

Don’t wait to become Saint Paul before you dream big because no dreamer is without negative past. In fact such negative past experiences help spur up their zeal to sail higher. Only the dead can’t dream-so dream on. Anything is possible and achievable.

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By Leader Abiyone

Leader Abiyone is a freelance writer, a singer popularly known as Lyda. She's from the south region of Nigeria called delta state. She's a law graduate of National open university of Nigeria. She's a property consultant and estate manager. She's a lover of God's vineyard and God's word.

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