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Your usefulness equals your value.  Value is not about what you have accumulated but the lives you have genuinely impacted with your sincere words and resources. Value is key to determining your circle of influence and affluence. It’s like the savour of salt to a well prepared meal. When it’s absence the food becomes tasteless and worthless irrespective of the amount spent towards it’s preparation.Stabilizing your peace of mind in overcoming hypertension

Your value matters if you know the potentials God has deposited in you. Your value is not based on your height, your body built or the sum of money in your personal treasury. True value is in you. It’s rooted in your subconsciousness. You need to discover it, cherish it, nourish it and protect it.


Your value can fizzle away without you knowing why and how. You may have increased your value by giving to the poor or empowering others in your little way. Your value may have increased because of your financial status or accumulation of real properties but now all you get is an attitude instead of gratitude you thought to yourself but why you wondered.  Just as the little foxes spoils the vine and the little hole sink the mighty ship so are certain factors to your value.

Your Value
Your Value
Your words in pressure Time.

Your value is put to test when you are in pressure. How you say? When you await a certain turn of event and it seems things are going haywire, you tend to lose control of words, control of time, control of team spirit and control of your value, your Worth. Those words you say at these trying season of your life counts either in your favor or against you.3 ways to manage pressure and avoid depression

Most times we lose control of words to the hearing of the wrong people. People planted and bounded with oath to fault you in any possible way. Truth is, pressure comes with loads of negative vibes. It reveal to you those who genuinely care for you and pretenders who wants your value drained by all means.

Over Lordship

When your value increases, your followers or those who look up you increases as well. You are seen as Lord over those subject to you, be it in your office, family or your environment. However your value will dwindle swiftly the moment your subjects lost interest in your lordship over them. That very moment you want all things to be done according to your dictate irrespective of who and what’s involved.

Truth is, not everyone will confront you or directly flaunt your order but those who will eventually react will do so by creating a distance and don’t forget it’s the distance created by Adam that resulted in the fall of mankind.

Your stands in people’s affair.

How well do people rate your words? Is it seen  as  pride, strictness or pure honesty? Your value can be deduce from the way and manners you interfere on people’s affairs. If you are the type that tell the world how you help Mr A. when you helped Mr A. and why you do so without giving Mr A. due time to appreciate you or even be the town crier of your good deed, I bet you Mr A will show you attitude rather than gratitude and as such your value will be affected because people hate to see their weaknesses publicized. Your value matters and think about it.

How do I retain my value even after messing up?
Your value
Your value

Your value in life is redeemable and retainable even when you have messed up, even when you have dashed the hope of others or when you have acted below expectations. To do this, the following will help you to redeem or retain your value if you adhere strictly to it.


Silence is a great tool for increasing one’s value. It even create an atmosphere of uncertainty in the mind of others keeping them in suspense. I once read about a certain king in the east who always used the phrase” I will think about it” even after painstakingly listening to the different counsel given by his cabinet members putting them in suspense as to whether or not he will stick to their advise.

People will come to you with some sensitive issues about certain persons you once care about with the sole purpose of sowing a seed of discord. Silence couple with “it’s well” kind of response will save your value from being soaked in the mud. Know when to speak and when to keep silent. Your value matters.Don’t quit. Read this (1)

Someone once said to me” Leader if you must live to your name learn to speak good of people no matter how bad they are in the eyes of others..if you can’t find any good thing to say about them better don’t say a word as you know not the heart of he you speak to”.


There’s a wise saying that a constant visit of a particular friend wearies.  There’s a time to hide from the outside world to reshape your image, to  retain your value  and to keep away from danger especially when your actions has caused one or two person harm of any kind.

Even God in his infinite wisdom advises his people to stay hiding when necessary. In Isaiah 26:20 He says “Come, my people, enter your chambers and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the [Lord’s] wrath is past.”

Your hiding or absence may not be because of the Lord’s anger but for your value to be restored and retained .

Learn to stay away to increase your value. Even the value of onion was triple last year by it’s scarcity. When you mess up and you discover your presence is aggravating people’s anger or making people treat you with such level of disdain, it’s advisable you keep your distance.

People value what and who is not common or seen everyday. Your long absence will not only increase your value but it will erase the knowledge and effect of your mistake from people’s mind. Know when you are wanted and learn when to isolate yourself to retain your value.


Volunteering to do what no one wants to do is another way to increase your value in the mind of people. Truth is, not everyone wants to sacrifice their time, resources and energy for a job that has no financial benefit . However when a volunteer shows up the burden of such task is lifted off the shoulder of the task master and your value increases thereafter.

However you must learn to withdraw your act of volunteering especially when you are been seen as threat to those who doesn’t want to lift the stone yet won’t let another lift such stone. If you are not careful as to know when to volunteer and when to stay away rather than retaining your value, people will sow a seed of discord to drain your value. Your value matters.  Guide it with all you’ve got. You need to be alive to save a life. You need to quench your thirst first before quenching the thirst of others else you die of thirst.Incredible “7 Don’t s” you mustn’t ignore



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By Leader Abiyone

Leader Abiyone is a freelance writer, a singer popularly known as Lyda. She's from the south region of Nigeria called delta state. She's a law graduate of National open university of Nigeria. She's a property consultant and estate manager. She's a lover of God's vineyard and God's word.

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