Youths involvement in crime

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Crime come with a alot of consequences not just to the youth(the perpetrator) but to the society and humanity at large. The saying goes that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, how true is that for a youth who engage in criminal activities? What kind of leader would such a youth become? In this article I will be discussing various factors that pushes or forces the youths into criminal activities and this will also help to sensitize the young ones among us to help safeguard their future from negative influence.

Youths involvement in crime
Youth involvement in crime


There is massive involvement in crime by youth in the society in general. Irrespective of the security modalities put in place and the full awareness of the dangers of engaging in crime, statistics shows that crime perpetrator perpetrator by youth is still alarm

Since these people did not choose from the beginning to do these things then what made them engage in crime and social vices? After a detailed research and interview from a sample population I would like to bring to light these following factors that really influence youth vement in crime and other social vices.


A quote says” life is not all about being alive but living well”. A Situation where you do not have what it takes to live well, you ought to have what it takes to live at least. That is the difference between existing and living. There is a point in this present dispensation especially where most youths are existing instead of living.You can! Dream on They keep struggling to attain a certain position or obtain resources to sustain the comfort of living; but within this period of struggling, if the comfortable life they seek is nowhere in sight and the condition becomes so bad that even their existence is threatened, that is the breakpoint that they (youths) turn to crime in the bid to survive and protect their existence.

Hunger is a huge problem that can test the resolve of a man. When a man is starved to the point of death he can do anything to survive. Little wonder why Esau in the heat of hunger was not hesitant to sell his birthright for food just to survive . Even in Israel when there was famine in the land they were eating their children. A popular quote says” A hungry man is an angry man”. The bid for survival is a factor influencing youth involvement in crime.


Pressure of family expectations is like a volcano, it can swallow you up if you don’t have the guts to manage it. 40% of the youths engage in crime just to meet up with the massive family expectation. This pressure of family expectation is mostly on those youths that are graduates. 6 Key recipes to a happy family lifeIn the society when your family has done all they could to send and see you through School, it is always expected that after graduation you will have a good job and take care of most needs in the family and your younger ones.

Very few youths get big pay jobs after graduation. Some go into small trade and other little jobs whose pay is only enough for self sustainance . When the family start calling on the platform of the things they expect you to start doing for them which at that point the youth in question does not have the financial power to meet those expectations, pressure begins to mount on him or her to act.

When this volcanic pressure from family expectation keep on growing to the extent that most youths can not handle, they succumb to the pressure and turn to any crime which for the girls in most cases are prostitution and child trafficking while the boys go into kidnapping and internet fraud known as Yahoo.


Unfair comparison of one youth to another is another factor that influence youth to turn to crime. This incessant comparison of one youth to another especially by parents on the ground of achievements or money create psychological pressure and desperation in the mind of the victimized youth.

This comparison forces most youths to do whatever it takes to rub off those yardsticks of comparison. Let’s say a parent keep comparing their son Peter a graduate working as a private school teacher to Paul a neighbor’s son who has a big business and an expensive car. Due to this pressure created by this comparison, Peter would be tempted and forced to take desperate and drastic moves just 2 meet up and put an end to the comparison.


One basic thing that drives youth is pleasure and desire for flamboyant lifestyle. One thing is to desire pleasure, another thing is to have the money to get it. The sheer desire to have a fun-filled life and live a flamboyant life is a factor that makes most youth to engage in crime just to have enough money to match the scale of The Bill.

A fun or pleasure driven lifestyle is generally expensive but most youth who don’t have the resources but have the desire to live it become desperate and turn to crime as a quick means to have the money to live and sustain the flamboyant lifestyle they crave after.


This is better placed as friends influence. This is predominant among youth without self discipline or control. Some youths in the society take to crime and other social vices just because of influence from Friends. Most girls go into prostitution just because they want to be like their friends.

Youths involvement in crime
Youths involvement in crime

They feel their friends are into it and are looking okay so why shouldn’t they as well. I have seen situations where you at go into internet fraud because they feed their friends who are into it are doing well and leaving them behind. There is a saying that the dog that keeps company with goat will one day start eating grass.

So the peer pressure and influence is a factor in youth involvement in crime especially for those with lack of self-discipline or control.


Bad governance or leadership is a strong factor that influences youth involvement in crime. One key role of government is to provide jobs and empowerment for the youths. Another role of government is to ensure that the standard of living is high and the cost of living is low.

Youths are inevitably forced to engage in crime to boost their livelihood if there are no drugs or empowerment or if the standard of living is low and the cost of living is high due to poor leadership policies and bad governance.

You don’t expect a youth to spend his time and money to go through School and after that sit at home doing nothing and still be happy. I know you would say why can’t the youth be creative by being self-employed. Don’t forget that creativity without enabling environment to market your creative ideas means frustration is bound to set in.

Thus, this thing’s causes anger and frustration in the youth and force them to take to crime as the only alternative they see at that point in time unless someone stepped in to educate or enlighten them on the right path to take.

So when a government is bad or ineffective the youths are bound to turn to crime if not cultured or enlightened on the dangers of crime to the society and humanity at large.


Most youth are just lazy. They are both mentally and physically weak. These youth in questions have big aspirations or desire whichever way you may put it but they lack the mental and physical strength to work for it. The end result of this act of laziness is to drink from the stream of crime or criminal activities in order to get the satisfaction they desire.

So when a youth is lazy and desiring something beyond his or her income crime involvement is inevitable.


Some youths are greedy and avaricious. They crave to have more like the Oliver twins who is never satisfied or even the grave who never get satisfied of corpse.

No matter the resources at their disposal their greed or desperation for more pushes them into the acts of criminal activities. This insatiable demon called greed is what makes some youth get involved in criminal activity or activities.

With the rising demand to jettison people especially the youth from criminal activities please share this article to your friends and loved ones to help rid our society off criminal activities thereby reducing the level of insecurity that face us daily. For comments and contributions please use the comments box provided below.

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